Security and tourism

~ In Costa Rica

In the main tourist cities of Costa Rica, which include Jacó Beach, security is a point to consider if you own a business or property.

The type of crime that is almost always committed during the high season has to do with opportunism. This means that it is usually not organized but spontaneous robberies.

That is why we strongly recommend installing outdoor security cameras. A well-placed camera will prevent most thefts before they happen. But if they do happen, with WiFi camera digital surveillance, you can record the exact moment and person who committed the crime. This not only increases security in our community, but also makes it easier for you to recover stolen items.

We are proud to contribute with our cameras to create a network of systems with modern and intuitive surveillance technology, with more than 80 homes and businesses secured. This strengthens the ties between entrepreneurs and residents of our beautiful Costa Rica. The installation of security cameras is useful to find criminals who have not necessarily harmed us. This increases the security of the entire city and allows Jacó to once again be the tourist destination we love.

A single camera that can detect movement, with night vision and audio input, is a first step in providing peace of mind, because you can monitor what’s happening on your property, in your office or in your commercial premises from anywhere. And the investment is minimal!

Let’s build a surveillance network together and take advantage of the off-season to make it easier for tourists to visit our city and country.

Let’s take care of our capital, let’s take care of our city, and let’s take care of those who visit us year after year.

imagen de dron de la playa de jaco en costa rica