new technology on security cams

~ and you can have it in Costa Rica

Technological progress is affecting more and more areas, and what was once unattainable is now available to every user. In this case, we are talking about security cameras that, due to their style and size, were created to live in every home.

With Ubiquiti’s new technology, indoor security, you can monitor your loved ones in a way never seen before. Ubiquiti offers us the most esthetically pleasing and smallest model yet, designed to fit into any type of interior. Moreover, due to its size, it can occupy smaller spaces while remaining completely unnoticed.

But not only the esthetics, but also the quality is unparalleled. It has been designed to deliver good quality even in dark rooms, which is probably when this new device will be most useful. Moreover, with its 360° view, it can capture absolutely all angles and recognize human figures to intensify surveillance.

On the other hand, there are also many accessories to meet your specific needs. From mounts for different locations to different lenses that can focus at longer or shorter distances.

Not only do we bring all Ubiquiti products to Jacó Beach, but we also install security cameras throughout the area. If you have any problems with the installation or would like to delegate this task, we are happy to help.