Top 5 marketing trends

~ for this 2024

#1 Artificial intelligence generative and predictive
New tools will be able to predict products they are interested in based on previous purchases, articulating an organic behavior of each user and understanding what kind of products they might be interested in. This revolutionizes segmentation and makes it more precise.
In generative processes, there will be major advances in the speed and efficiency of creating images from scratch with IA. META will be incorporating this type of generative AI image and text creation into ads from this year.
YouTube will also create ideas and scripts based on user interests for content creators on this platform starting this year. There will also be an area to create videos with AI based on ideas and text we ask them to create.

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#2 Social Media SEO search queries on social media
Google is being displaced by search queries directly on social networks, so it is expected that there will be new search campaign targeted ads in META. And not only that, but also new rules for better positioning of your profile depending on the keywords you use in your posts and descriptions.

Pd: TikTok is already implementing them.

#3 Email marketing – will continue to grow
In 2024, it will be one of the most used means of corporate communication, as it is a powerful tool to reach customers closer.
But: mailings will have to be more personalized than ever. It will be crucial to segment all customers in order to send them an email designed for a very specific sector.

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#2 Video: The King format
On the one hand, TikTok is consolidating its position as an indispensable social network. On the other hand, Streamings were the most used format in 2023.

In addition, the filmed podcast format will be a trend during 2024, something that is already happening. Advertising campaigns that include this type of content have about 30% higher effectiveness.

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#1 Value Based Selling – Personalized customer support
As salespeople, more than ever we must speak from experience, using our sincerity and honesty when selling.

Have an educational speech that informs the customer in a personalized way, and then indicate why your option is the best. Finally, wait and listen to the customer, not rush to close the sale.

Which of these trends could you incorporate in your company?

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