¿Cuánto dura la pasta térmica en el procesador?

~ In your computer

Thermal paste is a viscous substance that is applied between the processor and the cooling system, whether it is a heat sink or a liquid cooling system.

Its main function is to improve heat transfer between these two surfaces by filling micro-gaps caused by manufacturing defects.

This dissipates heat more efficiently, protecting the processor from overheating and ensuring optimum performance when running high-performance programs, playing video games or simply working with the computer or laptop.

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The service life of the thermal paste on the processor can depend on various factors, e.g. thermal cycles, mounting pressure and operating temperatures.

In general, it tends to degrade over time and with continued use. It is estimated that its maximum effectiveness lasts between one and three years, depending on the quality of the paste and the operating conditions of your laptop.

The durability of thermal paste depends on various situations, e.g. computers in Costa Rica or on the beach in Jacó:

The type of thermal paste: Higher quality options based on liquid metal or ceramic offer a longer lifespan than simpler silicone pastes.
Operating temperatures: If your CPU regularly operates at high temperatures, for example in hot climates, the thermal paste will degrade faster.
Time: Even with moderate use, the thermal paste will dry out and lose its properties over time. In areas with a lot of salt in the environment, e.g. near beaches, the components rust more quickly, which promotes the drying out of the thermal compound.

There are a few signs that it’s time to change the thermal paste on your PC or laptop. If you notice an increase in processor temperatures or increased movement of the internal fan even under low load, or if system performance decreases, it is likely that the thermal paste is starting to degrade.

An urgent change of thermal paste will prevent your computer from getting a major problem, e.g. heating up other components, losing the processor or even the motherboard of your computer.

With computers and laptops, especially in Costa Rica, it’s ideal to take preventative measures. So if you find that several years have passed since the last time you applied new thermal paste, it is advisable to carry out a preventive change to keep your equipment in optimal condition.