Computers and Pets

~ Cares for your computer if you have a pet

Computers, and especially computers in Costa Rica, need their internal fans to run at 100%. Failure or slower than usual operation will slow down the operation of the motherboard, power supply or even the processor and could ruin all your equipment in the long run.

Both laptops and desktop computers, whether new or used, need cleaning and attention in this regard. When a pet is added to the usual conditions for our computer in Costa Rica with its tropical climate, high salt content in the air and high humidity (especially in Jacó or other coastal towns), there are even more points to consider.

computer cleaning in costa rica

Technology and pets don’t always get along, and there could be problems with computers. The internal fans we talked about at the beginning are very sensitive, and dog and cat hair tends to get stuck in these dangerous areas.
Of course, if our pet has long hair, the problem is magnified, but even dogs and cats with short hair will inevitably shed a lot of it. And that’s where the problems start

Having cleaned PC and laptop hardware in Costa Rica for many years, I can confirm that pet hair is most commonly found inside the equipment. So if you have dogs or cats at home, there’s a greater risk of your computer running slowly or even having to buy replacement parts regularly.

Power supplies tend to get overloaded and need to be replaced, and that’s the least bad thing that can happen to your PC! Overloading the fan of your microprocessor can mean the TOTAL loss of your computer.

And that’s not all: since new or used laptops are much more sensitive than desktop computers, as they depend on smaller fans, it’s enough for one of them to stop working properly to replace the entire device. mainboard. And that’s not all, because blocking other circuits can damage the keyboard or even the screen. The connection of these parts to the motherboard is delicate, and your pet’s hair can certainly block these access points.

We don’t want to frighten you! We just want to remind you that hardware cleaning for pets needs to be done more regularly than you think. The right thing to do is to clean the inside at least twice a year to ensure that your appliances function optimally. This minimal investment will extend the life of your appliance and prevent you from having to pay for a more expensive replacement in the future!